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Last Late Blight Update 7.21.15

Late blight has been reported in several counties in NY (Livingston, Wyoming, Wayne, and Oneida) as well as from two counties in Pennsylvania, two in Vermont, and one each in New Jersey and Connecticut.  There are also two reports from Ontario, Canada and one from Quebec.  All pathogen isolates identified in the Northeast have been US-23, which is susceptible to mefenoxam, a very effective fungicide against late blight (not allowed for organic production).  Everyone growing potatoes or tomatoes should be scouting vigilantly for late blight.  Organic farmers and gardeners, keep in mind that the fungicides available for your use are protectants and must be applied before infection, and reapplied regularly, to have a chance of successfully controlling late blight.

I am ending updates on this site.  The site is the place to find late blight reports as well as pathogen isolate identification.  To find isolate IDs, click on the county on the map or on the report in the sidebar to the right of the map.  If the isolate has been identified, the ID will appear in the sidebar.

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